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Over the years, we have found these to be the most frequently asked questions. Even though we are insurance people, our goal is to demystify insurance and make it as easy as 123. 

Orchard aims to pay all claims immediately or within 24 hours of being notified as long as all the necessary documentation has been submitted.

The policyholder must notify Orchard of a claim as soon as possible but no later than 6 months after the death of a person covered. After 6 months the claim is no longer valid.
Coverage for accidental death begins as soon as the first premium payment is received. Coverage for natural death begins after a waiting period.

Coverage renews annually and will continue to renew each year as long as the monthly premium continues to be paid.
All dependents must be designated at the time coverage begins. Dependents cannot be changed once they have been designated except in the following circumstances:

New births or marriages: Dependents can be added if there are new births or new marriages after the policy has been issued.

Deceased dependents: Upon the death of an insured spouse or child, the Policyholder may designate another spouse or child to replace the deceased. Orchard must be notified in writing of the replacement. Newly designated dependents will be subject to a waiting period which begins on the date Orchard is notified.
Orchard will amend your original policy and issue an updated policy which includes the new Add-on cover as well as the original coverage.
Orchard will amend your original policy and issue an updated policy which includes the new Add-on cover as well as the original coverage.
Yes, you can add on an existing policy.
Yes, the policyholder must nominate a beneficiary during the application process but can change it at any time by notifying Orchard in writing. The beneficiary is the person who will receive benefits under the Policy if the policyholder is deceased.
Family Plan: 1 spouse, 6 children
Single-Parent Family Plan: 6 Children

Add-on coverage
Extra Child: Unlimited extra children
Extra Spouse: Unlimited extra spouses
Extended Family: Limit of 4 extended family members
Parents: Limit of 4 parents
Yes, the insured dependents will continue to be covered until the annual policy anniversary date as long as they continue to pay the premium.

The insured dependents must provide Orchard with valid payroll or debit order deduction details (or arrange for stop order payments) so that the premium continues to be paid.

At the annual policy anniversary date, the policy will terminate. The insured dependents may apply for coverage under a new policy and will not be subject to a waiting period.

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