Credit Life Cover

Credit Life Cover

Designed for entities such as credit co-operatives, micro-lenders and banks. This is cover for the all types of loans; personal loans, home loans, credit card and vehicle loans.

Age coverage 18 to 65 years
Benefits Apply Now
  • Claim notification period is 6 Months
  • Cover in the event that the life assured dies as a result of sickness, accident or any other cause not excluded by the policy while the agreement is in force,
  • The benefit payable will be an amount equivalent to the balance of the outstanding principal amount.
  • Charged as a value of outstanding loan book.
  • Premium is charged monthly in advance for active term of loan – no upfront charges.
  • Orchard quotes competitive prices.
  • Premium guarantee period is 12 months.
  • Payment of Credit Life premiums monthly, improve our clients cash flow.
  • Monthly premium payments improve clients cash flow



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